Jennifer & Matthew

In the tranquil setting of The Tavistock Lodge in Elizabethtown, NY, Jennifer and Matthew celebrated their love with an intimate wedding. As a couple deeply connected to the outdoors, their special day was a reflection of their passions: nature and each other. Opting for a ceremony that was as personal as it was private, they shared this moment exclusively with each other, and their closest family and friends, embodying their belief in keeping their most sacred moments truly personal. Yes, this means there are no photos pf the actual ceremony or their wedding bands! It's terribly romantic.

The venue, surrounded by nature's beauty, was a perfect echo of their shared joys. Every detail of their wedding spoke of their unique journey together, from the choice of a savory cheese cake, breaking from tradition, to the floral arrangements inspired by the wilderness they love so much. This was not just a celebration of their union but a tribute to the lifestyle they cherish.

Their wedding was a testament to the idea that true joy comes from honoring what matters most deeply to us. By keeping their ceremony completely private, Jennifer and Matthew made a profound statement about their commitment to their values and to each other. It was a day filled with love, signifying the beginning of their lifelong adventure together.

As they move forward into their future, Jennifer and Matthew's wedding remains a beautiful reminder of the power of love, nature, and the importance of living authentically. Here's to a lifetime of shared adventures and continued happiness for the couple, on a path they've chosen to walk together, in their own unique way.