Anthony & Danielle

One of my favorite things to do in the summer time is drive around Lake George and capture proposals by the water. The Sagamore Resort is a top destination for special occasions, and for good reason! The views and ambiance are unmatched.

When Anthony reached out to me to figure out how we were going to do this I quickly and easily formulated a plan with him. Since I have done this numerous times I was able to give him some advice which made the whole process easy. They were coming to the lake on a weekend trip to visit The Sagamore which they had fallen in love with years before. They had just arrived and we planned for them to come down to the water while they waited for their room to be ready. I was there waiting for them looking like any other visitor taking photos of the mountains and the boats on the lake.

Anthony dropped to one knee while Danielle wasn't looking. When she turned around she was absolutely stunned! I am just so happy she wasn't any closer to the edge of the dock! Once they had their special moment I made myself known to her and went over to say hi. We then spent the next hour touring around the beautiful gardens and building, having fun and making photos to commemorate the special occasion.

Here are a few photos from their proposal and following session. If you would like to see more follow this link to their full gallery HERE