Prom Night

You have been planning for this night for months or years even! Commemorate this event with a portrait with your date, and/or solo. A beautiful backdrop has been designed and will be the stage for your photos.

Professional Portraits

With my online system there will be no need for traditional ordering envelopes. Your information will be collected at the time of your photo and you will receive an email with instructions to order your photos. Once you sign in, you will see your photos and have many print and digital options to choose from. Packages start at $30 and add-on items will be available to create a collection of prints that suits your needs.


Can I have a photo with my date and one by myself?

Yes, of course! Each couple will be photographed together as you enter the venue. If you'd like an individual pose just let me or my assistant know when you check in.

What information will be collected?

Before you pose for the camera I will collect your first and last names, phone number, email addresses, and snap a quick photo to make sure I get the faces and names correct. Your information will never be used for anything other than this event. PRO TIP: Have your info written on a card to hand off for super speedy service.

When will we get our photos?

Your photos will be uploaded to my online ordering system within a couple of days. You will get an email with instructions as soon as they are ready. Once the ordering window has closed all orders will be printed at my professional labs, packed up, and shipped directly to the school.

Do you have a question I haven't answered here?

Please feel free to reach out to me directly. I am happy to answer any questions before or after Prom Night. If you need assistance with the ordering process please contact me before placing an order.