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May 13, 2019
Newborn Photography & Safety. Why There is NO Room for Compromise.

I am going to be super short here and just say that safety isn't a word that I throw around lightly when it comes to your baby. I won't sit here and bash other photographers and call them "noobs" or irresponsible, you can google search all that and watch nightmares all on your own.

I will tell you how I handle things though. I always have an assistant. If for some freak reason I don't then, I am sorry, but no Froggy Pose for you. And also I will ask a parent to sit next to me to spot their baby... so no nap for you either! It is this basic first step of always having hands on your baby at all times that is the best and easiest way to keep your little babe safe.

Speaking of Froggy Pose... Here is how that is done... Hands here, hands there... always on your baby. I use a little Photoshop magic to make one seamless photo that makes all who see it go "Ohhhhh my goodness. He is so sweet! How the heck do they do that?" Not all babies will go into this pose. I can tell within a few minutes if it isn't going to happen. So what do I do in that case? MOVE ON. I will never force a baby into a pose if his body language is telling me to knock it off.

I have 2 children of my own and I think that gives me a level of knowledge and confidence that not all newborn photographers have. I have also had training on the matter, I know what I can do and what I can't when it comes to arranging your little baby's body in to these sweet curly poses while he is asleep and while he is awake. Babies are strong and unpredictable and they can startle or jump and launch themselves with zero notice. My job is to capture them and to hand them back happy and safe.

When shopping for your newborn experience do not look at price first, take into consideration the experience level of your photographer first.