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Jul 09, 2019
Heirloom Albums. The Thing You Never Knew You Needed.

One of my most loved memories is visiting my Grandparent's home, curling up on the couch and turning the old brittle pages of books filled with tarnished black and white images of family members I only know through stories. I would sit with Gramma, curled up in the nook of her arm and listen to her tell me stories of my father and his three brothers and all of the trouble they got into. Now I am in my thirties and she still tells me stories while showing me photos of myself while I was a baby, a toddler and even a teenager.

I can't tell you what these moments and these memories mean to me. But I can show you. 

First, keep in mind that deciding to work with me is the first step to knowing you will have the best possible quality images to help you remember this fleeting time in your life. Once you are in my studio I will put an album into your hands so you can feel the weight of the book in your fingers. You can turn the thick, unbending pages and see the clear and vibrant images on the surface. I have many samples available so you can see and feel every cover option and choose the color that will best fir your home decor and personal style.

These aren't my Gramma's old photo albums. There aren't fragile, brittle pages with fading photos stuck onto them. These books are truly Heirloom pieces and will last for generations. So when you take home your album filled with your babies images know that in 5 years your little kid will love looking at himself. And in 16 years you can pull out this book to show his prom date. in 25 years his wedding guests will fawn over it. And 60 years from now he can show his next to his grand baby's album. That being said, those old brittle pages on my Gramma's couch mean more to me than anything, and I am forever grateful that they exist.

Make sure your baby's photos exist 60 years from now... I will leave the stern-talking-to about this generation's blind faith in digital content and why it can lead to heartache, for another day.