About Ashley

I love the summertime, especially when I am alone in my car and I can roll down the windows and belt out the best of the 80’s Hair-Bands. I hate mornings before 6:30 am. I love rich dark coffee though, so mornings and me, we get along just fine most days. I live in the mountains but my heart is in the city and I wouldn’t mind an extended vacation to someplace beachy. Also, I am a hopeless romantic…
I am multifaceted, just like you. The promise of learning the layers of people I meet is what makes me love my job so much. You know how they say,
“a picture tells a thousand words”? Well, without the personalities and the stories of the awesome people I meet those words wouldn’t exist. I have met all kinds of people from all over the world. I have held their hands, held their babies, I have helped them to remember to breathe and encouraged them to bare their souls. For all of these people I am grateful for they each have enriched my own life. To be able to capture these people, these memories, is a privilege and an honor.

About Ashley

My Favorite Things

The windows down, the music up, hot coffee, cold artisan brews, soft t-shirts + old jeans + Chuck Taylors, my old film camera, sand and surf, daisies, Aerosmith.

My Work

Hobby-turned-career in 2012 when I finally found the courage to let the world see what I’ve got. Since then I have been perfecting my technique and honing my skills into what you see today.

Most don’t know

I was 31 years old when I watched Star Wars for the first time, and I loved them all! What is something that most people don’t know about you? Tell me here…