Get the most out of your mini session

Mini sessions are all-the-rage. They have a strong appeal to families with young children who won’t cooperate for more than 10 minutes, couples who haven’t had an updated photo since their wedding or for something specific like a holiday card. These types of sessions are just like regular ones only abbreviated. Here is some of my best advise for getting the most out of your mini session.

1. Your clothes.

When planning a photo session we all tend to get hung up on picking the best possible outfit. Always pick something that makes you feel amazing. Sure, you want it to look weather appropriate, clean and unwrinkled. You also want everyone in the family to look like you “go” together. So try this…

Put one person in something with colors and patterns. For everyone else in the family pull colors and patterns out of the busiest outfit. Add layers, accessories and different fabrics for texture.

2. Play and have fun!

Mini sessions are often very short and you don’t have a lot of time to make all the magic. Remember to try to relax and just have fun. Play, laugh, dance and tickle each other. My plan is to capture your family dynamic in as little as 15 minutes. I do not want to see anyone’s best fake-smile or perfectly placed strands of hair.

3.  Bribery.

I am not afraid of a little bribery and neither should you be! Some smarties in your pocket or the promise of an ice cream can go a long way to making your kiddos happy and keeping your sanity.

Part B of this rule… Moms and Dads, please don’t make crazy faces to try to make your Littles smile. Once or twice is cute and makes for a great photo, but know that I got this! You keep smiling and laughing and I will get Junior to look happy too.

Keep these tips in mind when booking your next mini session (or any session!) and you will be much happier with the end result.

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